i'm terri!

the starbucks obsessed, enneagram type 1 momtog behind the camera

I'm an Oklahoma wedding photographer for joyful, fun-loving couples who are excited for their wedding, but are MOST excited to marry the love of their life!

I'm a proud police wife and a mama to the sweetest boy. I spend my days living the very "glamorous" life of a work-at-home-mom, which means you can almost always find me in leggings + crazy hair while chugging coffee, making all the snacks, going to the park, and working furiously during nap times + late into the night.

This is my absolute DREAM job, and every time I get behind my camera, I feel so LUCKY to get to do life with my clients in such a special way!  Thank you so much for being here!!

a few of my favorites:

Mazzios ranch-I could drink that stuff!

A nice big glass of red wine

Friends. I'll be theerrrreee for yoouuuuuu.
My ultimate favorite show!  I've seen every episode multiple times and it STILL makes me laugh.

All things the Bachelor: Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor in paradise.
Total guilty pleasure.

It's embarrassing how many I have, but what can I say?  I'm an enneagram type 1 — I love lists!

Have I mentioned I like coffee? My go-to order is a blonde vanilla latte

My son Cooper's red-faced, can't-breathe, toddler belly laugh. Truly the best sound in the whole world!

Target.  Need I say more?

My fam!  I have 4 sisters, 1 brother, and 10 nieces and nephews!


Spending time with my favorite boys. They are my world!

on your wedding day

i will:

> Greet you with a big smile and hug!  AHHH YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!!!

> Help us stick to the timeline that I custom make for you so that we can get the most pictures out of your day!

> RAVE about how freaking gorgeous you are. All. Day. Long.

> Grab you water, paper towels, bobby pins, snacks, your bouquet, hairspray, lip gloss...you name it, I'LL GRAB IT.

> Take the heat with your mother-in-law when you want her out of your getting ready room. I got you!

> Pose you and your hubby in the most flattering, natural angles so that you ADORE your photos for years to come!

> Get down with you on the dance floor.

> Do everything in my power to make sure that you and your husband have the BEST DAY EVER.  My number one priority is to love and serve my couples and help make your day stress free!

Sound like someone you want on your team?

let's grab a coffee! (my treat!)

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