I'm an Oklahoma wedding and family photographer for joyful couples and families who value authentic, candid photos that freeze precious memories in time.

I'm a proud police wife and a mama to the sweetest babies. I spend my days living the very glamorous life of a work-at-home mom, which means you can almost always find me in leggings with a messy bun while chugging cold coffee, making all the snacks, going to the park, and working furiously during nap times and late into the night.

I capture and edit my photos how I like my family to be captured-the snuggles, the giggles, the playfulness, and the raw moments in between the posed smiles.  My photos are bright, my colors are vibrant, and your love is at the center of it all.

I've photographed hundreds of families and over 50 weddings.  My hope is to not just be your photographer, but to also be an encourager and a friend. Thank you so much for being here!

the coffee obsessed, enneagram type 1, work-from-home-mama behind the camera.

Hi!  I'm Terri.

my family
vanilla lattes
Amazon Prime
A clean house
Bold, colorful florals
coffee mugs
taylor swift
the beach

greet you with a big smile and hug!  ahhh you're getting married today!

help us stick to the timeline that i custom make for you so that we can get the most photos out of your day.

be your biggest hype girl

grab you water, fluff your dress, pin your veil, bustle you, let you borrow my coat between shots so you aren't freezing..you name it, i'll do it!

pose you in the most flattering, natural angles so that you adore your photos for years to come

get down with you on the dance floor

do everything in my power to make sure that you have the best day ever that is as stress free as possible!

Sound like someone you want on your team?

let's meet for coffee!