Max + Terri | Valentine’s Day Proposal


February 14, 2019

“Just trust me”

Those are the words Max said to me when he was asking me to climb over a gate and TRESSPASS onto the University of Oklahoma football field six years ago. Mind you, there was a sign on the gate that said something along the lines of IF YOU WALK ONTO THIS FIELD THE SENSORS WILL CALL THE POLICE AND YOU WILL BE ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY AND YOUR WHOLE LIFE WILL BE RUINED (or at least that’s what I read) 😉 If you know me well, you know I am a maaaaajor rule follower. Absolutely no rules will be broken ever. Nope. Not me. But I happened to look over and saw one of our friends hunkered down behind some bleachers with a paparazzi camera. Suspicious, but……Max had SWORN up and down that we were NOT getting engaged on Valentine’s Day and told me over and over “not to get my hopes up”. You see, Valentine’s Day was more than just Valentine’s Day to us—it was also the one-year anniversary of our first date! We wanted to celebrate, but we were B-R-O-K-E college kids, so Max planned a low-key evening. We were going to go to campus and walk around and grab some coffee (one of our favorite things to do!) then go back to his house and recreate the same dinner we had a year ago—steaks, baked potatoes, and veggies. Simple enough! But little did I know, he had other plans.

So back to the gate. I see our friend and think to myself, “something is up, but I’m not getting engaged because he told me it’s not happening today. Buuuut Max has never asked me to break the law before so he must have a reason to get me onto that field. I apprehensively climb over the gate. I’m nervous—not because I think I’m getting engaged but because I think I’m going to get arrested! (He really should have known better than to make me do such a risky thing on what was supposed to be the happiest day ever). He walks me out to the 50 Yard Line and starts telling me all the reasons he loves me and how excited he is for our future, and before I know it, he’s down on one knee holding a ring out, asking me to be his wife! BEST. SURPRISE. EVER!!! Complete with not one, but TWO cameras capturing the whole thing (this was before I was even a photographer, I just really really reeeaaally liked pictures). I was completely caught off guard, but I couldn’t get my YES out fast enough! He had also made us dinner reservations with both of our parents to celebrate. It was a magical day and I cherish these pictures so so much.

Six years ago. How can six years feel like just yesterday and also feel like a lifetime ago? In the last six years, we have: graduated college, moved twice, got a dog, Max achieved his dream of becoming a police officer, we bought a house, we bought two cars, I started my photography business, we’ve gone on vacations, we’ve done tons of home projects, binge watched like 25 Netflix shows, became PARENTS, and much much more. These have been the best six years. They haven’t always been easy, but they have been full of love, growth, grace, fun, laughter, adventures, and life. Feeling all the feels this year with our baby boy being here. Who knew six years ago when we were just kids starting our lives together that we would be where we are now. I love you so much, Max Graves, and I’m proud to be your wife!

Oh, and if you’re a rule follower like me and were wondering—yes, he got permission to be on the field 😉


Images taken by friends and edited by Terri Graves Photography

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