Brenna and Cameron | A Sentimental Engagement Session in Oklahoma City


June 16, 2020

Where do I even start with these two??  They have such a special and amazing story of how the Lord brought them together and I’m just so honored that I get a front row seat in celebrating them!  I’ve known Brenna for nearly 10 years and she is honestly one of the best humans around.  I always knew that God had someone really special in store for her, and when I first heard about Cam I knew that he was the one. Cam is sweet, thoughtful, tentative, and cares so deeply for Brenna.  When he moved to Oklahoma, he didn’t miss a beat when joining all her friends and family!

You see, Brenna and Cameron met overseas.  In 2017, Brenna answered a call to ministry and committed to a 2-year program in a country across the world.  One thousand miles away, Cam ALSO committed to that program, and so begins their story.  They each were stationed in different countries, but Brenna and Cam’s paths crossed in Dubai and things would never be the same for either of them.  A few months later, they had their first date in Thailand, where she purchased a gorgeous navy blue blanket.

Brenna is no stranger to traveling for ministry. Every time she visits a new country, she buys a blanket that embodies the culture to remember her time there.  Fun fact-she now has 18 blankets!  Fast forward a year and they are now taking their ENGAGEMENT photos with the blanket she bought in Thailand!!

I just love watching a story come full circle, and this story has indeed come full circle for Brenna and Cameron.  They are just a few months away from starting their lives together as husband and wife, and I know the Lord has BIG plans for them in their marriage.


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