Kelsey and John | A Downtown Oklahoma City Engagement Session


August 3, 2020

Kelsey and John met in college at Oklahoma State University and have been together for over four years.  I could tell by their interactions that their love is strong and steady.

Kelsey described John as very nurturing and loving, which was so evident in the way he held her, the way he made sure she was comfortable in each new pose, and the way he beamed at her.  John described Kelsey as joyful and bright, which definitely showed through her smile, the way she giggled up at him, and her fun and bold red dress!!  I love it when couples are just 100% themselves so I can capture their true personalities and relationship.  This one is kind, gentle, steady, protective, and secure.  They were oh so sweet together, and I can see why they’re absolutely perfect for each other!

Kelsey and John, I can’t wait to celebrate with you next Spring!



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