Alfonzo Family | A Beautiful Golden Hour Maternity Session


September 17, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the world’s most precious family!!  I seriously cannot get enough of these three!  I first met them for Jack’s first birthday and we’ve been friends ever since!  Our boys are just a few months apart in age and they are the cutest little buddies.  What I love about this mama is how intentional she is.  While we were taking the photos, Jack became very interested in a stick that he found on the ground, and naturally-as toddlers do-no longer wanted to participate in taking photos because he wanted to play with his stick!  I watched as Shaye got down on his level and let him show her the stick.  She asked him some questions about it, told him how cool it was, and then suggested that they put the stick over by their bags to finish playing with it later.  BOOM.  Toddler meltdown averted.  That is just one little story out of several just like it that I’ve seen over our friendship!  Shay always inspires me as a mama and I treasure our friendship so much!

I am SO excited for little baby Luke to be joining them in just a few weeks or less!


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