Salazar Family


June 24, 2021

Call me crazy but family sessions with toddlers are some of my favorite things ever!  This is such a special season of life and toddlers are So. Much. Fun.  (Little terrors sometimes, but fun.  I’m speaking from personal experience here haha!).  What I love about family sessions with toddlers are how interactive and playful they are-there’s pretty much so such thing as sitting still with a little one, so these sessions include a lot of walking, running, snuggling, tickling, throwing in the air, bouncing, playing airplane…you name it!  I always tell the parents come prepared to get a workout 😉

The Salazar Family session was no exception to this, AND it was a very hot June day, whew!  But we had fun and got some amazing, REAL LIFE moments captured!  It’s always a joy, Salazar fam!

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