Cooper’s #3 Construction Birthday!


July 21, 2021

I cannot believe my first baby is three years old! Where has the time gone?? He is majorly into all construction vehicles right now so we decked our house out in all the fun construction party things, rented a bouncy house, and had all our friends and family over to celebrate! It was a HOT June, Oklahoma day but that didn’t phase these wild kiddos and we had a blast hosting such a large group of people in our home for the first time since moving in! CAUTION – HARD HATS REQUIRED FOR SCROLLING DOWN!

One of his main presents was this digger from my parents.  When he opened it up and saw what it was he said “Ohhhhhh my gosh, it’s a digger!  INCREDIBLE!!” Hahaha I think he was excited!

I love that so many of his friends bought him construction-themed presents!

Look at those sweet tongues!  They are definitely related =)

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