Maci + Joseph | An Oklahoma City Boathouse District Engagement


May 15, 2020

These two!!  Where do I even start?! Joy, joy, JOY.  They exude joy.  I didn’t get to meet Maci and Joseph in person for our wedding consultation due to the quarantine, so the first time we met was at their engagement session.  From the second they stepped out of the car, I felt like we were already friends!  Maci’s smile is contagious and the way Joseph looks at her is absolutely precious.  Maci is also a fellow photographer, so we may have immediately started talking shop (sorry Joseph!)  Maci and Joseph were total naturals in front of my camera (that’s the fun part about photographing photographers-they know what to do already!) and I swear they never stopped laughing and smiling at each other for the entire two hours!  These two literally have googly eyes for each other – it was so sweet to witness!  Every frame I snapped I would check the back of my camera and squeal “I am so obsessed with y’all!!!” and it’s true!  I know I rave about my clients all the time but it’s because I TRULY get to work with the best people!

Maci and Joseph, I’m so excited for your wedding in a few months!!  Thank you for being so adorable and making my job easy!

  1. Courtney says:

    These are so sweet!! I can definitely see what you mean about them exuding joy!

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