Brenna and Cameron | ENGAGED!!!


May 16, 2020

He told her he had a surprise date planned.  This didn’t raise Brenna’s suspicions too much because planning surprise dates is something Cameron did frequently.  The extra sweet thing about this date was that Cameron planned so many special, sentimental layers that brought in aspects from their childhoods.  You see, Brenna grew up riding horses.  As a kid she spent hours and hours on the farm with her horses.  Cameron grew up near a strawberry patch and had fond memories of picking and eating strawberries every summer with his family.  So, what did Cameron plan for their date?  Horse-back riding and strawberry picking!  He even packed a picnic lunch complete with ingredients to make little strawberry shortcakes with their freshly picked strawberries.  After a wonderful afternoon together, Cameron told her to go get dressed up for a nice dinner.

It was time!!!  He brought her to the most beautiful, private courtyard garden, complete with waterfalls, flowers, and the sweetest little setup full of pictures of the two of them and ten hand-written notes with reasons he loves her.  He walked her to the spot and they stood and looked at all the memories they have shared, then he turned her around toward the notes.  As they read through the notes, Brenna smiled, cried, laughed, and hugged her man.  But Cameron wasn’t finished yet. He had one more surprise for her.  A little back-story about Brenna- for years, she told all of her friends that she wanted to get proposed to in a hot air balloon.  We would all joke that if it wasn’t in a hot air balloon, she would say no!  (not really of course, but she was dead-set on the hot air ballon idea).  Cameron knew this, so he found a tiny little hot air balloon figurine, hung it in the tree above the spot, and hid the last and final note inside it.  Once they finished reading all the notes, he told Brenna he had one more note for her and motioned to the hot air balloon above her head.  Totally distracted, Brenna reached up for the balloon, took the note out, and began reading it.  It read “Will you marry me?”  and by the time she turned around Cameron was down on one knee, holding the ring out and beaming up at her.  They immediately hugged and had their moment, and then Brenna found out there were still MORE surprises!!!  He turned her around and I stepped out of my hiding spot!  Hiiiii friend!!!!  She was so surprised and couldn’t believe I was there!  I told her I had to go change my lens really quick and was coming back to take some photos of them.  But what I was reeeaaaally doing was telling her best friends to come out of hiding!  So many surprises!!!  They all hugged and squealed and Brenna showed off her new bling to them, but my favorite part was the way she kept BEAMING up at Cameron and hugging him.

I’ve known Brenna for nearly ten years and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that she is one of the very best people on this planet.  She is always going above and beyond for others, she has an encourager’s heart, and she embodies Christ in everything she does.  She is truly a gem, and I’m so happy that she has found her match!  After all the pictures were done, Cameron still had one last surprise for Brenna.  He told her they had dinner reservations and off they went, but really he had all of their friends and families waiting at an engagement party!  Cameron, you have won the heart of Brenna and by doing so, you won the heart of all her friends and family.  We are all so thrilled for you two to begin your lives as husband and wife!  Congrats, future Mr. and Mrs. Stanley!!!

Cameron told Brenna her final note was inside the hot air balloon.  Notice him reaching into his back pocket while she was distracted!


Brenna’s face when I came out of my hiding spot!!  She was so surprised!

Brenna’s best friends came out of hiding and they all celebrated and hugged.  It was the sweetest thing to see them all celebrating her!


I had to get in a few pictures myself =) This girl was my roomie for 2 years, fellow Sigma Phi Lambda officer with me, and a bridesmaid in my wedding!  So very thankful for her heart and her friendship, and I am so thrilled I got to capture this occasion for her and Cameron!!

  1. Nikki Steele says:

    Oh my gosh! How sweet are they?! I love how creative he was! These are amazing, and I that ring shot is GORG!

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